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Welcome speech

Director of the Department of Personnel Management



First of all there I want to tell everyone who is looking for a work - If for you tranquility is important in work and high speed is not your priority, you aren't ready to take responsibility for a final result, you don't generate ideas, interesting and difficult challenges frighten you, you can't work run out of time and under pressure then it is better for you NOT TO COME TO US and don't spend your and our time!


We are glad to not indifferent, aiming at self-improvement people with healthy ambitions. If you are able and want to work – means, you are one of us, Alina-people!


Our Group of Companies Alina is a reliable and perspective employer. We in the market for 25 years, also continue to grow and develop actively. We have a huge potential, we diversify the spheres of our business, and, respectively, our scales and the need for new employees grow. We would like that the Company employs  talented specialists who will make it even stronger.


Today we look not only the market of Kazakhstan, we are oriented also to other markets. We are ready to employ the “charged” and active employees from all CIS, Central Asia or foreign countries. I can tell from personal experience all potential Alina-people: it is not important where you are from – if you are ready to join team, to adapt to our “charged” mode of life, to our management style and a corporate culture – we are glad to you!



Yes, people who come to the company are not simple at all. They have extensive knowledge, experience, and, above all – desire to grow and develop, and to be effective. Level of employees and that speed which is initially set in Alina Group by the President of the Company, top managers covers all team – it is really rather high. We have no place for regularity and sluggishness: here everyone is getting ahead – for accomplishment of plans, for achievements, for indicators, for personal development and for career development. Our principles are supported with a wages system – for result! Alina-people understand that just to come to the Company and to sit out – it won't turn out, it not our way, not Alina style. That us why we employ the best experts, and it gives a powerful impulse to development of all Company.


In Alina Group each employee, showing a result, not just receives a pecuniary benefit, and he/she can be confident in fair wage of the work, but also has an opportunity to develop the professional and managerial skills. It is also very important that in our Company not only top management and head office, but also regions where the most part of our colleagues works develops. Career development in Alina can start anywhere in our geographies, and with any position – and to bring you into a chair of the director of branch, region or even to the board of directors – everything depends on your abilities, desires and aspirations.


We are always ready to invest in development Alina-people, that is why we have a wide variety of training programs in many different directions. Sale, marketing, technologies, personnel management – we are ready to help everyone in the necessary sphere. If an employee feels that he/she lacks competence, knowledge, skills – it is enough to execute a request, and the Company will give an opportunity to study. We are sure – with growth and development of Alina people Alina itself also grows.



In our Group of companies the command spirit is very strong. Sometimes in the corporate mail there are announcements that someone of us needs this or that help, and I am proud to see that everyone responds, from heads to beginners. We have really not indifferent people, and we are the team! When solving any problem – either difficult or easy, small or big – always mainly the command works, and our decisions are also command, both at production, and on sales or in management. We together work, together we participate in corporate actions, we have a rest together.


Besides, we – not just a team, we are the team of people to who care the world we live. All of us bear social responsibility. Despite weather or personal records all of us are amicably ready to go to plant trees or to clean the territory, we develop 10 years the large-scale all-Kazakhstan project "Net Homeland", and are ready not just to speak, but also to do useful things. We participate in similar social actions with whole families, giving our approach from adults to children, from Alina people – to those who have future in hand.


We – Alina Group of Companies are a strong team of the strong people, professionals and specialists responsible and aiming at development and growth, and we will be glad to accept you in our ranks!