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Industrial group

In 2013 the concept "Industrial group" * was included into structure of Alina Group of Companies. The Industrial Group united the Divisions which are responsible for finished product output, thus production capacities of the Company became a separate formation.


Industrial Group Alina is the largest Company in Central Asia and Russia on production of construction materials. Thanks to a complete cycle of production – from production and processing of raw materials before sale of finished goods to the final consumer, IG Alina quickly addresses needs of the Market, guarantees Stability and Safety of a product, and a profitable price relation and qualities. The Scientific and Technical Innovative Center (STIC Factory of Inventions) which includes own laboratories provides multi-level quality control of products of all brands of construction and finishing materials of the Company.


The Alina Industrial Group always and in all operating countries protects consumer from poor-quality and counterfeit products. As an non-corruption company, IG actively participates in creation of the world without corruption. Being an activist of movement for the environmentally friendly planet, IG Alina cares for the environment, aiming to involve into this movement as many people as possible.


The industrial group aims not only at achievement of leadership of brands of the Company in the market of construction materials of Eurasia, but also at forming of Culture of construction production in general, at ensuring Availability of high-quality construction materials and raw materials, and implementation of the quality standards of construction materials in the operating countries.


IG Alina proved itself as a decent and reliable partner, and also a perspective Employer interested in professional growth and health of the employees.


* In addition to Industrial Group independent the directions of business, being a part of Alina Group of Companies, are also Mountain resort hotel Lesnaya Skazka, network of the centers of floor coverings Domovoi, electronic hypermarket of goods for household and garden DOMSAD