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 “Alina” Group of Companies

We, “Alina” Group of Companies are a multi-industry holding engaged in production and distribution of building materials, components and household chemicals, as well as e-commerce and provision of services in the field of hospitality.

Our activities are aimed at meeting the needs of participants in the Eurasia Market, increasing the welfare of the Group and its employees.


Our Mission
     We build Livelong Company.
     We give more than we take, making the World a better place with our work.
     We create products and services that transform the Life of every Person and provide Safety, Comfort and Confidence in the future.
     We are an example of honest and efficient business conduct.
     We develop Culture of relationships in the Society by actively implementing the Company's values ​​outside.

Our Vision
     In 2023, “Alina” Group of Companies is a dynamically developing business with high efficiency and social responsibility that determines the situation and rules of the game in the Market.
     “Alina” Group of Companies is a decent, reliable Partner, a promising Employer interested in the professional growth of employees and creating new jobs.


Our priority
    Contentment of the ultimate Consumer with products and services.


Our Goals



  • Best self-developing Team of Professionals in Eurasia is formed with a single spirit and code of honor, through creation of conditions for moral and material Well-being of employees and development of Patriotism to the Company and to their Country.
  • The need of the Company for key personnel is met through creation of a system of growth and development of internal candidates with involvement of external candidates only in the absence of competence within the Company.
  • Corporate University and Mentoring School established.



  • The Company's leadership is achieved in the Eurasia Market, through creation and development of its own strong Brands, the first in the mind of the Consumer.
  • Marketing team of the Group of Companies is formed, using the synergistic effect of all Brands.



  • Dangerous dependence on borrowed funds of STB and systematic lack of funds for development are excluded.
  • Financial stability of the Company by achieving financial goals is ensured.
  • Economic service identifies inconsistencies and formulates them in the form of questions for making strategic and prompt decisions.
  • The Company is reliably protected from financial risks.



  • Automated key business processes (planning, budgeting, contractual activities, workflow).
  • Financial indicators are available to managers online anywhere in the World.
  • Financial modeling tool is implemented.


By reaching our Goals, We keep our Values:

  • Person and Team
  • Responsibility and Equality
  • Realism and Security
  • Confidence and Certainty


We are getting rid of:

  • Tolerance to mediocrity
  • Unwillingness to change
  • “Urgent is more important than the Essential”
  • “Could-not-care-less” attitude


We develop Intuition and Foresight through Analysis and Forecast, based on Mutual Respect and Trust, Culture of Discipline, providing Efficiency and Dynamism, Initiative and Completion.