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During 27 years of development Alina grew from the small company to the Group of Companies uniting 3,200 people from 39 cities of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Russia and Kyrgyzstan. During this time we formed a strong, united team and achieved leading positions in the industry.


By our example we prove that it is possible to be successful, working 5, 10 and 15 years in one company, together developing and gaining altitudes. We are sure that the employees who “grew up” in the Company become the best managers, it is confirmed by an example of many divisions of Alina. We do everything that employees enhance their professional skills and build successful career in the team of adherents.


We value the unique corporate atmosphere based on trust, mutual assistance and responsibility. For this reason we pay attention not only to professional, but also to personal qualities of candidates. If you are interested in career development indie one company, if the atmosphere in collective is important for you, if you want to work in the united vigorous team aimed at soaring new heights, if you want to be proud of the work and are capable to change yourself and the world to the best— Welcome to the team of Leaders!


Если сегодня Вы не нашли интересной для себя вакансии, но хотите работать именно в ГК «Alina», отправьте нам свое резюме. Мы сохраним его в базе и рассмотрим Вашу кандидатуру, как только появится подходящая вакансия.

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