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Alina Group held a traditional event of the international project “Чистая Родина”

On May 7, 2023, for the 20th time, Alina Group held a traditional event of the international project “Clean Motherland”, cleaning the coast of the river. Or in Almaty from household waste by 450 employees and members of their families.

Almaty passed the “Cleanliness Relay Race” to the branches of the Group of Companies in 19 cities of Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic, where similar events will be held from May 7 to June 22, 2023. As part of the Almaty event, 5 eco-initiatives were implemented:

* cleaning 11 kilometers of river bank from garbage

* planting 20 trees under the auspices of the Doctor Green brand

* painting gazebos for relaxation with Brand Alina Paint paints

* installation of signs about the awareness of outdoor recreation and maintaining cleanliness

* laying a time capsule from the children of employees to future generations.

Follow our new publications to learn how goodness is multiplying in all regions.

Many thanks to every Alinovite for supporting and developing the cleanest, brightest and most heartfelt eco-project of the Alina Group of Companies - Clean Motherland - for many years!

If you want to live in a clean country, start with yourself!