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Oi-Qaragai is recognized as the best Resort for learning to ski in the CIS

The year-round Oi-Qaragai Resort has become the best ski resort for learning to ski under version of the Ski Business Award 2023.

The favorite family oriented Oi-Qaragai Resort received a prestigious award within the forum of tourist territories, which was held in Sochi from October 9 to 13, 2023.

The Ski Business Award is a prestigious award in the field of tourism, hospitality business and entertainment industry. Among the nominees there are usually several hundred representatives of various organizations. In total, about 200 resorts from all over the CIS have applied for the nomination ‘The Best Ski Resort for learning to ski’.

The ski season is about to start at the Oi-Qaragai Resort. The first snow has already fallen on the hillsides. More than a hundred instructors will start working soon. Most of them are professional athletes, masters of sports in slalom. Each instructor conducts about 100 hours of classes per month. The work is based on the Austrian methodology of training. This is a program by which studying guests learn snowboarding or skiing as quickly as possible.

This year, instructors of the favorite family oriented Oi-Qaragai Resort will achieve certification and complete training in carving in the National League of Instructors. New knowledge and a certificate conforming to international standards will allow for better training and help guests to master professional skiing in the carving style.

It's never too late to learn to ski or snowboard, and most importantly, it's never too early. At the Oi-Qaragai Resort it’s possible to start studying from the age of 3! The training slope is completely isolated from other vacationers, which ensures the absolute safety for a child. On the territory of the Resort there is a children's club ‘Ugusha’, as well as a ski school, where any Guest can master skiing in a matter of hours.  

The ski slopes of the Oi-Qaragai Mountain Resort are the perfect place to master skiing and snowboarding! The resort has all the necessary for this – 22 km of ski trails, 20 tracks of different difficulty levels (blue, red, black), 14 lifts (chairlifts and bar lifts).  

During the work of the Ugusha children's club, about 5 000 children were trained, and the children's Ski Team Oi-Qaragai comprises more than 40 athletes, 5 of whom defended the title of Candidate Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan.