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Alina Football Cup: Karatau - Champion!

On August 12, the final matches of the Alina Group Football Cup were held at the Spartak Stadium in Almaty. As a result of fierce sports battles, the Champion was revealed from 6 teams that reached the final. Each match of the team was distinguished by a well-thought-out strategy and sharp attacking tactics.
Reaction speed, courage, incredible coherence of the players bring brilliant results.
The decisive game of Karatau-Oi-Qaragai for the title of champions kept the audience in suspense until the final whistle of the referee.
In the fight for the third place, the teams of Semey and Aktobe showed an incredible game with very beautiful goals. From rapid passes and counterattacks, it was breathtaking not only for the players, but for everyone who witnessed this spectacle.
All teams demonstrated real Alino's qualities: leadership, solidarity, responsibility, inclusion and focus on results.
We congratulate the winners of the Alina Group-2023 Championship!
1st place - the team of the branch of Karatau
2nd place - Oi-Qaragai team
3rd place - Aktobe branch team