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Сайт: www.alinex.kz

The dry construction mixes (CCC) AlinEX, appeared in the domestic market more than 16 years ago, were produced especially for true professionals. The scope of the dry construction mixes AlinEX is extensive: the accomplishment of masonry, plaster, facing works, the device of coverings of floors, seal of joints waterproofing the works heat-insulating works, decorative works etc.

Сайт: www.alinapaint.kz

The Alina Paint brand is n the market for 12 years, is also one of the oldest brands of Alina Industrial Group.

Сайт: www.nashi-sss.kz

Dry construction mixes are high-quality dry construction mixes with a necessary set of properties, for economic repair and finishing.

Сайт: decorex.kz

Сайт: www.oiqaragai.kz

The mountain resort hotel Oi-Qaragai Lesnaya Skazka is an independent sphere of the business which is a part of Alina Group of Companies. The park represents an all-season multipurpose resort for active recreation and communication with the nature.

Сайт: www.domsad.kz

Electronic hypermaket of goods for household and garden DOMSAD – an independent sphere of Alina Group of Companies. This comfortable and available online store – the new convenient project for those who appreciate time, nerves, power and money.

Сайт: domovoi.kz

The network of the Centers of Floor Coverings and Goods for the House and Sadah House is known in the market of Kazakhstan since 1998.

Сайт: alinexclub.kz

Alinexclub is the information and communication Internet platform uniting people of the CIS countries who want to receive or render services in the sphere of a construction and repair. We brought together the biggest base of professional builders in Kazakhstan in the sphere of designing, a construction, repair and design.

Сайт: www.doctorgreen.kz

The Doctor Green brand is a set of solutions for main types of cleaning of rooms: the convenient, quick saving time and money caring about health of a Person and Environment at the moderate price.

Сайт: www.g-ex.kz

IG Alina – the largest in Central Asia producer of construction materials, the Leader of Competitiveness and the National Champion according to experts of the international company McKinsey&Company and National Managing Holding Bayterek.

Сайт: chistaya.kz

The Clean Homeland project is an attempt to make the place where we live better. Our motto "You Want to Live in the Clean Country — Begin with Yourself" perfectly keeps within a thoughtway of the people sharing regulations of civilized life.