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Decorex brand of decorative plasters and paints allowed Almaty residents to create stylish interior designs for their space

On September 16, at the loudest autumn event in Almaty “Picnic Esquire”, Decorex specialists conducted outdoor master classes in the Picnic Art Zone. The creative space was visited by more than 2,000 guests who were able to express their individuality, style and realize their fantasies on easels. Exquisite colors, textures, expression and creative experiments turned into masterpieces that will decorate the walls of event guests.
The headliner of the event was the group “Pizza”. “Thanks to participation in such events, we once again show that Decorex is about style and economy, every person is a true creator of his own space and absolutely anything imaginable can be created,” noted Varvara Kim, Brand Manager.
You can get acquainted with all the possibilities of the Brand and sign up for master classes on applying decorative plasters in Brand’s profile @decorex__kz