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Joint assistance of Solva and Alina Group to increase the income of micro-businesses

Now you can purchase building materials produced by Alina thanks to digital microcredit in a matter of minutes

Solva, together with the largest production holding company on the construction materials market in Kazakhstan - Alina Group, is expanding its product line for SMEs and providing the opportunity to obtain a microloan for the wholesale purchase of construction materials for the purpose of further sale.

The advantage of this type of cooperation is that all three parties benefit.

For current and potential Solva clients involved in the construction materials trade, this is an opportunity to receive fast, convenient, unsecured targeted financing directly at the point of sale. At the same time, without spending working capital. This approach further reduces the time for obtaining a microloan and simplifies the chain of interaction between participants in the process.

For Solva, this is a continuation of the implementation of the strategy with a focus on working with SMEs and filling out the product line. Moreover, by working directly with such major players, the company can provide better solutions to clients.

For Alina Group, this is one of the effective sales tools and additional stimulation for clients in the form of micro and small businesses.

Financing is available to individual entrepreneurs.

“Our new joint financial product is designed to solve one of the main “pains” of entrepreneurs from the SME segment - the lack or lack of working capital for the purchase of new goods. Our target audience is existing businessmen who specialize in the retail sale of building materials in specialized markets and large retail outlets. For our partner, Alina Group, this product is an opportunity to “reach” even more clients with whom we have long learned to work and solve pressing business problems. Already based on the first results of the partnership, we see that the volume of goods ordered among clients who took advantage of this financing increased by 18.5%. We believe that we will soon be able to introduce similar loan products aimed at entrepreneurs from other business segments,” notes Anna Maksimova, General Director of MFO OnlineKazFinance JSC.

It is worth noting that when developing new products, Solva always focuses on customer needs and primarily meets criteria such as speed due to a developed scoring model and IT solutions, as well as convenience and flexibility.

“The partnership between Alina and Solva resulted in a joint product to finance our customers at retail outlets to purchase our products. The advantage of this product is an increased approval rate of applications to our clients from Solva up to 90%, online application processing, a maximum unsecured loan amount of up to 4 million tenge without providing a huge number of documents and a preferential interest rate on the loan. For our customers, this is an excellent opportunity to purchase our goods on loyal credit terms” - Head of the Treasury Department of Alina Group, Dmitry Panin.