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Alina Group is actively moving towards achieving its “Mission. Vision and Goals. 2032". In order to reach the next level and become part of the international ecosystem, we need to build partnerships, increase scale and implement best practices now. To make this possible, the owners of Alina Group decided to attract the international strategic Investor Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. (“NPHD”).

Acting in line with country priorities, Alina Group follows the instructions of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, who in 2022 emphasized the importance of attracting investments from foreign capital into the country’s economy.

On November 11, 2023, an agreement was signed between the Companies to purchase NPHD's subsidiary, Nippon Paint Holdings SG Pte. Ltd. (“NPHDSG”) 75% share of Alina Group.

Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. is one of the world's largest manufacturers and distributors of paint and varnish products, headquartered in Japan. Today, Nippon Paint offers complete solutions for the construction industry, industrial, commercial, automotive and marine coatings, as well as a range of products beyond paints and coatings. The group operates in the following geographical segments: Japan, Asia, Australia, North and South America and other countries.

The implementation of this strategic decision will give a new round of development to all components of the Alina Group business and will allow in the near future:

1. Introduce new technologies in management, logistics, R&D, production and sales

2. Attract additional sources of financing for the development of the Company

3. Enter new markets

4. Strengthen the Company’s protection from hostile takeovers and country financial risks

5. Increase staff competencies

6. Optimize costs through economies of scale

Personnel has been and will be one of the highest values of the Company, therefore the entire team of the Company, including the President, management and line personnel will be retained, and changes in working conditions will be aimed only at improvement.

The principle of financial openness and honesty of Alina Group has been and remains the foundation for guaranteeing the fulfillment of its social and financial obligations to the Society, the state, creditors, financial regulators and personnel. The owners of Alina Group reinvest the funds received as a result of the transaction for the sale of shares into the economy of Kazakhstan, in such industries as tourism, production of household chemicals and food production.

The Company’s own resource and production capital will continue to cover the needs of the population of Central Asia, but with a significant expansion of Brand product lines, sales geography in new countries and improvement of the quality and technical characteristics of products.

Alina Group continues to make a great contribution to improving the image of Kazakhstan in the international arena. We are pleased to invite you to a new chapter in the history of Alina Group.

Founder of Alina Group,

Erlik Balfanbaev